FIU Metro Center Graduate Interns

The Center is seeking interns for its two locations, 1101 Brickell Avenue, and the FIU Pines Center, located at 17195 Sheridan Street, in Pembroke Pines, approximately one mile West of I-75. Interns will have significant research and outreach responsibility. They will work directly with faculty and staff while interacting with a broad cross section of community leaders. Interns are expected to work 15-20 hours weekly and may register for internship credit. Internships are initially unpaid. However, the Center has historically "promoted from within," and many interns have become research assistants and associates after one unpaid semester, remaining with the Center throughout their graduate coursework. Work at the Center has also been a springboard to employment in the local and nonprofit sectors. Experience at the Metropolitan Center is an excellent tool for focusing graduate social science education. Prospective interns should send their resumes and letter of interest to the Center’s Director, Dr. Howard A. Frank, at For further information, Dr. Frank can be reached at (305) 779-7870. For more information about the Center, visit our website at http:/casgroup.fiu.edumetropolitan/. See attachment metrogradinterns.pdf for more information.