The Next Generation Conquers Climate Change

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Students participate at Global Student Simulation Competition

On Saturday, February 27, MPA students Crystal Lean and Harold Silva competed with more than 300 students from around the world at eight regional sites for NASPAA's Second Annual Student Simulation Competition on Global Climate Change. Each team had to create a comprehensive policy solution that by the year 2100 limits global warming to 1.9 degrees Celsius, to protect the earth from its catastrophic impacts.

The student competitors displayed exemplary insights and sophisticated critical thinking on a global challenge. These graduate students, many without an extensive background in climate change or environmental affairs, developed highly nuanced and intelligently phased policy proposals.

We are proud of Ms. Lean and Mr. Silva for representing FIU’s MPA program and for stressing the importance of climate change. Ms. Lean was part of the first runner-up team which crafted not only technically desirable, but also feasible approaches- and as the judges noted, this was a tough combination to achieve on such a complex issue as climate change. She expressed that “the NASPAA competition was a great opportunity to meet and work with students from other universities in tackling the issues of climate change policy”. Mr. Silva added that "the NASPAA student simulation provided a taste of what goes on during negotiations on the international scale. Stakeholders sought their best interest while comprising for the benefit of a common goal to reduce adverse climate change."

NASPAA is the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Accreditation and is also dubbed as the “Global Standard in Public Affairs Education". The Master of Public Administration at FIU, in its MMC, Miramar, Executive, and Online programs, is accredited by NASPAA. More information about the MPA is available at Program data is also published at