PPA Newsletter

The Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPA) is a hub for nationally recognized research, relevant, student-centric academics, and informed and impactful community engagement. PPA Faculty are frequent contributors to leading journals. Our graduates assume leadership roles in public and nonprofit agencies throughout South Florida and the United States. PPA faculty play leading roles in the American Society for Public Administration and Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration. They also provide policy guidance to senior managers and elected officials in Florida, the United States, and Latin America.

Diversity and equity have been cornerstones of the Department since inception in 1978. Our presence in Miami provides a living laboratory for America’s future demographics, and we have embraced our region as a test ground for policy innovations leading to a more resilient and inclusive America.

This newsletter provides a glimpse of the many achievements of a remarkable faculty and student body. Our work at one of America’s youngest and most dynamic public research universities is a pillar of hope amidst the pandemic. Our Department’s trajectory in coming years is clearly upward. I am privileged to share our recent achievements with you in this newsletter.

With warm regards,

Dr. Shaoming Cheng,
Professor and Chair,
Department of Public Policy and Administration