Rick Grimm CPPO, CPPB

Rick Grimm CPPO, CPPB

Email: rgrimm@nigp.org

Rick Grimm became NIGP’s fifth Chief Executive Officer in January 1998.

Rick holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Florida International University. He served county governments and public school districts for 23 years, including over 12 years in the management of the public procurement function.

Under Rick’s leadership, the Institute re-wrote its major curriculum, added distance learning opportunities to NIGP’s growing list of educational offerings, and instituted a number of new online resource tools. In support of the Board’s strategic plan, the Institute is leading a collaborative effort to develop a robust list of public procurement practices that are based on six key values and related guiding principles.

Key initiatives for the next few years include an engaging governance model, the use of technology to deliver high-quality and relevant services to customers, the development of academic communities in an effort to develop a curriculum framework for colleges and universities, the development of a comprehensive, sustainable Public Procurement Body of Knowledge, and the creation of formal partnerships with other leading public sector associations to ensure relevancy and advocacy for the profession.