The Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs offers academic advising through the Student Service's Office. Students are encouraged to make appointments with an advisor when they begin their programs, before they apply for graduation, and at any point in between. The College also offers student orientations twice a year, specifically designed to answer questions about our programs. New students are particularly encouraged to attend, but the invitation is extended to all students.

Advising appointments: (305) 348-5890

Advising offices: PCA 257

Fax number: (305) 348-5848

Advisor Program Department Phone
Hannah Ellis Hartman Academic Advisor I (Undergraduate) Criminal Justice/Public Administration
Bea Fernandez Academic Advisor II (Undergraduate) Criminal Justice/Public Administration
Joselyn Naranjo Academic Advisor II (Undergraduate) Criminal Justice/Public Administration
Christine Martin Academic Advisor I (Undergraduate) Criminal Justice/ Public Administration
Ashley Richards Academic Advisor I (Undergraduate)Criminal Justice/ Public Administration
Daniella Long Graduate Advisor Criminal Justice/Public Administration