Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies

Program Description

Recent studies by the Center for Creative Leadership have concluded that the practice of leadership is evolving and approaches focusing on flexibility, collaboration, crossing boundaries and collective leadership are expected to become a high priority. This emerging view of leadership as an inclusive and collective networked activity occurring throughout organizations and across sectors stresses the need for all students to develop their leadership capacity as they prepare for their future careers and community roles.

The Certificate in Leadership Studies prepares students for this changing nature of leadership through coursework and practice that emphasizes relationship building, change management, global dynamics, intercultural understanding and collaboration.

The goal of this certificate program is to foster leadership in the FIU student body by encouraging consideration of leadership from multiple perspectives and contexts. Through involvement with the campus and community, students will become engaged in their own professional leadership education and development.

Advising Form

Change of Program Plan Form (Certificate Code: LDRSTCFI)


* Effective as of Fall 2015

The Certificate Program requires completion of 18 credit hours of coursework. Students must earn a ā€œCā€ or better in courses for the Certificate. Enrollment in an undergraduate degree program is required.

All students are required to take 3 core courses (9 credits) which include an introductory course (PAD 3431), values and ethics course (PAD 4046), and a global perspectives course (PAD 3800).

Students fulfill the remaining 9 credits by taking 3 electives consistent with their academic and career objectives, one of which must be in Public Administration and one from another area in the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • PAD 3431 Exploring Leadership (3)
  • PAD 4046 Values, Ethics, and Conflict Resolution (3)
  • PAD 3800 Managing Global Cities (3)

Electives (a total of 9 credits)

SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL & PUBLIC AFFAIRS (SIPA) - Must include at least one course from Public Administration and one course from another SIPA area

Public Administration

  • PAD 3003 Introduction to Public Administration (3)
  • PAD 3034 Policy Development (3)
  • PAD 3438 Communication Skills for Policy and Management (3)
  • PAD 3804 Government and Administration of Metropolitan Areas (3)
  • PAD 4141 Citizen Participation and Community Empowerment (3)
  • PAD 4414 Personnel Skills for Administrators (3)
  • PAD 4432 Administrative Leadership & Behavior (3)

Global & Sociocultural Studies

  • ANT 3212 World Ethnographies (3)
  • GEO 3001 Geography of Global Change (3)
  • SYP 3456 Societies in the World (3)

Criminal Justice

  • CCJ 3450 Criminal Justice Administration (3)

Politics and International Relations

  • POS 3413 The Presidency (3)
  • POS 3424 The Legislative Process (3)
  • INR 3081 Contemporary International Problems (3)
  • INR 3303 Foreign Policy Making (3)

Other Electives (limit 3 credits)


  • WST 4931 Women in Leadership (3)
  • INP 4313 Organizational Psychology (3)
  • MSL 4301 Leadership & Management (3)
  • MSL 4302 Officership (3)


Communication Arts

  • SPC 4445 Corporate Communication & Leadership Dynamics (3)
  • SPC 3425 Small Group Communication (3)
  • SPC 3540 Persuasion (3)


Health Services Administration

  • HSA 3180 Management for the Health Professions (3)
  • HSA 4110 Organizational Behavior (3)

Social Work

  • SOW 4932 Service Learning: social change & social issues (3)



  • MAN 4711 Business-Community Leadership (3)

Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt.

  • HFT 4545 Managing High Functioning Teams (3)
  • HFT 4295 Leadership in the Hospitality Industry (3)

For additional information, contact:

Dr. Agatha Caraballo, Undergraduate Program Director
Department of Public Administration
PCA 257 / 305-348-1006

For opportunities to gain practical leadership experience, please visit the FIU Center for Leadership & Service website at http://leadserve.fiu.edu

For certificate completion, contact:

Daniella S. Long\ Student Services Coordinator Public Administration
PCA 257 / 305-348-5890