Combined BPA / MPA

Combined BPA/MPA Degree Program

The combined BPA/MPA degree program offered by the Department of Public Administration allows qualified students to earn both degrees in a shorter amount of time than typically required for earning degrees sequentially. A student admitted to the combined degree program will be considered to have undergraduate status until the student applies for graduation from the bachelor’s degree program. Upon conferral of the bachelor’s degree, the student will be granted graduate status and be become an MPA student.

Admissions Requirements for the Combined Degree Program

  1. The applicant must have an overall (cumulative) GPA of 3.2 or better.
  2. The applicant should apply to the combined program after having completed at least 75 credit hours but no more than 90 credit hours for the undergraduate degree.
  3. The applicant must have completed a minimum of 12 credits of Public Administration coursework and at least 24 credits of coursework at FIU.
  4. All lower division requirements, including the University Core Curriculum must be completed.
  5. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member at FIU or from a supervisor is required.
  6. A current resume must be submitted with the application.
  7. The applicant must demonstrate graduate level writing competency by submitting a letter-of-intent not to exceed three double-spaced pages explaining how earning the Master of Public Administration degree is consistent with long-term career goals.

Courses Counted Toward both Degree Programs

Students accepted into the combined degree program may count no more than 4 of the master’s courses (maximum of 12 credits) listed below toward satisfying both the BPA and MPA degree requirements. If a student does not earn a grade of B or better in any graduate level class taken during the undergraduate phase of the combined program, that class cannot count toward the graduate program: it can only count toward the undergraduate program.

The student must take at least one of the following courses:

  • PAD 6053 Political, Social and Economic Context of Public Administration
  • PAD 6701 Quantitative Methods in Public Administration

The student may select the remaining 9 credits (three classes) from the following list:

  • PAD 6142 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
  • PAD 6209 Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • PAD 6227 Public Finance and the Budgetary Process
  • PAD 6306 Policy Analysis and Planning
  • PAD 6417 Human Resource Policy and Management
  • PAD 6434 Leadership and Decision-making
  • PAD 6710 IT and E-Government
  • PAD 6726 Applied Research Methods for Accountability in Public and Non-Profit Organizations (Prerequisite: PAD 6701)

With an advisor's approval, these graduate courses can be substituted for any of the required or elective bachelor’s in public administration courses listed in the program catalog, with the exception of PAD 4934 Integrative Seminar, which must be taken by all BPA majors. Students accepted into the accelerate BPA/MPA degree program must complete all of the requirements of the MPA to receive their graduate degree.

To Apply:

  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor to verify your eligibility
  • Complete the combined Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Program one page application: Application Link
  • Submit the department approved application to the Graduate Admissions Department in PC 230 along with your $30 application fee.