Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

Doctoral Student, Ph.D. in Public Affairs

Email: dcast037@fiu.edu


Daniel Castro is pursuing a PhD in Public Affairs. His scholarship focuses on state and local public finance, budgeting and financial management. His ongoing research fall into four interrelated academic tracks: 1) budgetary institutions and fiscal policy outcomes; 2) emergency management and risk assessment; 3) local government financial management under fiscal stress; and 4) local economic development.

He earned his Masters and Bachelors in Public Administration from the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs from Florida International University with a specialization in Government Finance and Procurement. During his years at FIU, Daniel has presented at several academic conferences, including Association for Budgeting and Finance Management and American Society for Public Administrators. Currently, his research is examining state financial disclosure practices and fiscal resiliency to hazard events. The research aims at examining the budget process of state governments and budgetary best practices, the latter aims particularly at examining the financial impacts of hazardous events on government finances and social vulnerability.