Full-Time Faculty

Susannah Bruns Ali, Associate Professor and MPA Director

Office: PCA 260A | Phone: 305-348-1350 | Email:

Agatha S. Caraballo, Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Maurice A. Ferré Institute for Civic Leadership

Office: PCA 354A | Phone: 305-348-1006 | Email:

Shaoming Cheng, Associate Professor and Department Chair

Office: PCA 269A | Phone: 305-348-0432 | Email:

Yoon-Jung (Nicole) Choi, Assistant Professor

Office: PCA 365A | Phone: 305-348-8490 | Email:

Amanda Clark, Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: PCA 355A | Phone: 305-348-8490 | Email:

Howard Frank, Professor and Director, Jorge M. Perez Metropolitan Center

Office: PCA 355B | Phone: 305-348-0410 | Email:

Nicki Fraser, Assistant Teaching Professor and Assistant Department Chair

Office: PCA 354 | Phone: 305-348-5220 | Email:

N. Emel Ganapati, Professor and Director, Laboratory for Social Science Research, International Hurricane Research Center, Extreme Events Institute

Office: PCA 263A | Phone: 305-348-0436 | Email:

Sukumar Ganapati, Professor

Office: PCA 363B | Phone: 305-348-6275 | Email:

Donavon A. Johnson,  Assistant Professor 

Office: PCA 350A | Phone: 305-348-8409 | Email: 

Hyewon Kang, Assistant Professor

Office: PCA 352A | Phone: 305-348-8490 | Email:

Alexander Kroll, Associate Professor and PhD Director

Office: PCA 351B | Phone: 305-348-0433 | Email:

Daniella Long, Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: PCA 252B | Phone: 305-348-5982 | Email:

Milena Neshkova, Associate Professor

Office: PCA 350B | Phone: 305-348-0486 | Email:

Meredith Newman, Distinguished University Professor

Office: PCA 354B |Phone: 305-348-5892 | Email:

Valerie Patterson, Clinical Professor and Director, African and African Diaspora Studies

Office: PCA 367A | Phone: 305-348-0425 | Email:

Keith Revell, Associate Professor and BPPS Program Director

Office: PCA 353B | Phone: 305-348-0411 | Email:

Allan Rosenbaum, Distinguished University Professor and Director, Institute for Public Management and Community Services

Office: PCA 250A | Phone: 305-348-1271 | Email:

Affiliated Faculty

Giri Narasimhan, Professor, Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences

Office: CASE 254B | Phone: 305-348-3748 | Email:

Adjunct Faculty Highlights

Emeline Alexis-Schulz, PhD

| Email: 

Shawn Lolo Benaine, PhD

| Email: 

Shane Gunderson, PhD

| Email: 

Rodney W. Jacobs Jr., JD, MPA, MPH

| Email: 

Lauren Linville, Lt. Commander, EMPA

| Email: 

Maria Mitchell, MS, CMS

| Email: 

Alfredo Riverol, CPA

| Email:

Ralph Rosado, PhD

| Email: 

Marisol Zenteno, EMPA

| Email: 


Dirk Hart, Program Manager

Office: PCA 261B | Phone: 305-348-8409 | Email:

Stephanie Miller, Office Manager

Office: PCA 268A | Phone: 305-348-0249 | Email:

Vian Mirani, College Recruiter II, EMPA programs

Office: PCA 260B | Phone: 305-348-8409 | Email:

Lina Perdomo, Office Associate

Office: PCA 267B | Phone: 305-348-3001 | Email:

Sara Suarez, Program Coordinator

Office: PCA 270A | Phone: 305-348-8409 | Email: